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Meet Our Global Ambassadors

Chloe Huang | USA

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Chloe Huang is a sophomore at Stanford University studying in the School of Engineering with an emphasis in Product Design, and a graduate of Lycée International de Los Angeles.

She was first exposed to environmental science through her internship at at USC's Viterbi School of Engineering, examining microbially-driven engineered processes for water management. Chloe broadened her involvement as an advocate and leader through her participation as a Yale Young Global Scholar in Beijing, where she problem-solved solutions to global issues with other young scholars. She also interned at the NGO Time4Good, which establishes communications with global leaders. Eager to contribute to our global fight against climate change, she studied sustainable architectural planning and design at UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design (CED), culminating in her Algae Energy Pavilion design, which showcases her passion for enhancing the environment and honing her design skills. The pavilion has received critical acclaim as a Project Finalist in the UNESCO Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, and is featured in the Hall of Fame in the International Biomimicry Design and Innovation Award. Chloe has also attended the Social Ventures for Sustainable Development and Youth Assembly at the United Nations to learn to utilize global resources for project advancement. Summer before her senior year, she created a short documentary film about Los Angeles' use of shade balls in their reservoirs during its historic drought. Chloe hopes to inspire the next generation to focus on global sustainable advancements. She founded EcoYouth United to raise environmental awareness amongst youth and empower them to take action. In high school, she also contributed articles to the Los Angeles Times' HS Insider as a featured writer and to Teen Ink as a VIP Contributor for the same purpose. Chloe has received multiple Presidential Volunteer Service Awards and was editor-in-chief of her school newspaper, a Level-10 pianist, has studied 8 languages, and is an award-winning dancer.


Since attending Stanford, Chloe has developed a newfound interest in the intersection between design and technology. She was first exposed to computer science and technology through Google's CSSI Program last summer, and has honed in on these expertises through classes and organizations in school. She continued her involvement with environmental issues through interning with Carbon Lighthouse's non-profit sector, Carbon Lighthouse Association, which is dedicated to helping companies and individuals go carbon neutral through verifiable carbon allowances. This past summer, she attended an intensive architectural design program at Harvard's Graduate School of Design to further grow as a sustainable designer.

Sankalp Mohan Sharma | India

Sankalp Mohan Sharma is a Climate Reality Leader and the youngest Head of State for the global campaign Walk For Water (representing Karnataka). Sankalp's love and concern for the environment was first fueled by former Vice President Al Gore's TED Talk video. Since then, he has embarked on a whirlwind of activities to promote environmental awareness and activism. Sankalp's activities include meetings with government officials to seek partnership and sponsorship in water conservation efforts; visits with top influencers, celebrities and leading sports personalities to discuss about environmental issues, urge them to take and support the Water Pledge, and invite them to become digital influencers and social media spokespersons; conferencing with other Climate Reality Leaders to create joint programs and workshops to educate youth about climate change and solutions; presenting his projects to middle school, high school and college students, corporate organizations, the Indian Army and veterans; and accepting interviews from radio and news organizations to spread his message. To encourage involvement, Sankalp has created a competition for ideas to conserve water and internship opportunities for student leaders to spread awareness, attract sponsors, and promote partnership between government officials and NGO leaders. In recognition for his efforts, Sankalp has received the Akhil Uday Award for Inspiring Effort and the Aryan Young Achievers Award (by the Aryan Institute of Teacher Training), membership in the National Society of High School Scholars, and accepted posts as the International Coordinator of India for the Human Rights Sanrakshan Sanstha, an affiliate with the UN, and the Student Ambassador of India to the University of Idaho to help India/USA exchange students with business ideas and entrepreneurship. He has also been invited as chief guest to the "Save Water Save Life" art competition, and the Rotary Club, where he emphasized addressing primary workers who deal with water daily as target audience to effect change. Sankalp continues to expand his engagement as country rep at the Ministers of Youth World Forum, The World Education Leaders Forum, Leaders Conference South Korea where his team won Best Project which cleans polluted waters in SE Asia, and the Youth Assembly at UN where he won the Global Young Voices Competition for youth leaders based on his work for sustainable development.

Mahnoor Hyat | Pakistan

Mahnoor Hyat is a sophomore at Stanford University. She along with six other school fellows pioneered her school's Debates and Model United Nations team and have sussessfully organized a plentitude of local MUNs.  Her thirst for heated debates and informed thought-provoking discussions led her to take part in the Harvard Model United Nations 2016 as an individual delegate where she was the only Pakistani who received the Outstanding Delegate award, enabling her to make her country proud. 

Mahnoor started a blog in hope of spreading awareness about the immense importance of mental health, and was eventually featured on a Pakistani version of the Facebook page ‘Humans of New York’ i.e Hamaray Log as a role model for other promising and hopeful young teenagers who have had their voices silenced. Her article on Mental Health was featured in a widely distributed local magazine and served as the fuel to ignite the flame for continued resilience. Mahnoor believes that the youth of today can truly change the world by focusing on intricate yet complex issues such as environmental degradation and accelerating suicide rates.

Martins Abebe JP | Nigeria

Martins Abebe is a social worker, youth activist, and the founder and president of International Youth Builders Initiative. He is a motivational speaker, an inspired young man working hard to develop and orient youths around the globe on the need to help unite the world. Martins is also an Executive Memeber of NYCN (National Youth Council of Nigeria) and United Nation Association Nigeria (UNAN). Martins holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration and is a Masters student in Public Administration. He started advocating for Women and Girl Child rights in 2005, tagged; "Save The Girl Child Save Our Future" & "Empower the Youth Secure our Future" and is currently advocating for quality education in Nigeria tagged: "Save Education Save the Future of Nigeria". He has also made his way to the International Youth Day in Malaysia to give a speech about Sustainable Empowerment for Africa Youth. 


"One without another will make this beautiful world unbearable"

Esther Ishimwe | Rwanda

Esther Ishimwe is a recent graduate of Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology, and will be attending Smith College in the fall. She is senior advisor of the Community Service & Tutoring Club that helps students in the national exams preparations, and does community work regularly in the area. Not fitting solely in sciences or humanities, she initiated a motivational posters in her school and participates in the Art & Design club through art practice and fundraising. An avid reader, she volunteer part time at the school library, and attends leadership camps such as the Yale Young Global & African Scholars so as she can impact the world starting from her homeland, Rwanda, a country developing at a very high rate. there is a law in Rwanda that obliges all citizens( including the President) to do community service at the last Saturday of each month. As a native of a tropical country, Esther wants the environment to be preserved for the wellbeing of our world.

Kevin Huo | USA

Kevin Huo - Kinetic, Environmental, Volunteer, Inspired, Next Generation.

Kevin strives to make the world a better place for every living person and every living creature. He has volunteered in wildlife and nature, health and wellness, clean energy and stabilizing the climate through political activism. He has connected to a wide range of interests, ideas, missions and challenges.

Kevin is currently an Undergraduate student studying at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, majoring in Anthropology and Political Science. Previously, Kevin was the founder and president of several clubs at San Mateo High School, including the SMHS Ted-Ed club, the UNICEF Club, and the Programming Club. Off campus, Kevin had volunteered with the San Mateo County Youth Commission (SMCYC), became a Healthy Living Ambassador for the UCANR 4-H Elkus Ranch Garden Program, a Producer/On-Air Talent at KCEA FM 89.1 radio, and interned with Congresswoman Jackie Speiers. In 2015, Kevin was selected to join the Students on Ice expedition to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland. Kevin has also been awarded the Prudential Spirit of Community Award and the 2015 US President Obama's Volunteer Service Awards. Kevin is a Hawk-Watcher, Arctic Explorer, Radio-Broadcaster, and Planet-Walker. H.A.R.P. is his instrument of change.

Anastasia Pantazopoulou | Seychelles

Anastasia is an incoming student at Oxford University. The best word to describe Anastasia Pantazopoulou is International. She is the daughter to Russian and Greek parents, and has lived on the island of Seychelles for 10 years. Anastasia's experiences have made very globally aware and sensitive.  She has been active in the fields of the blue economy and ocean conservation (wishing NGO’s, Youth Clubs and volunteering whilst living in the  Seychelles). She also attended the 2017 Summer Youth Assembly in the UN HQ to work towards achieving the 2030 Agenda and the SDG’s. Anastasia believes education and partnerships are very important and the first step into achieving great things. In her lifetime, she wants to show that world change isn’t only for rich governments and large companies. "Let's show this together!"

Jichen Zhang | China

Jichen Zhang is a student at United World College Changshu. He speaks Mandarin Chinese, English, Russian and Japanese. Jichen was chosen a member for the High School Student Science Talent Plan by the Ministry of Education of China, and has been studying astrophysics in the Physics Department and Tsinghua Center of Astrophysics in Tsinghua University for the past two years. Jichen loves sciences, especially astronomy, and vigorously works to popularize the science through public lectures, astronomical observations, and folk events. He is currently the Honorary president of the Beijing Youth Astronomical Union, has founded and serves as Secretary-General of the China Earth Science Olympiad Committee. A member of the Chinese National Team of Science Olympiads, Jichen has won three medals in the International Astronomy Olympiad, the International Earth Science Olympiad, and the International Junior Science Olympiad within the same year, making him the most decorated participant. Jichen truly shares in the mission of his school, to make "education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future", and hopes to find innovative sustainable solutions to enhance the Earth's environment, and to further explorations in space.

Tess Aubert | USA

Tess Aubert is a senior at Lycée International de Los Angeles in Burbank, California. She speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and Tagalog. Fully fluent in French, she won Second Place at the First French Poetry by Heart Competition in Paris. Tess is a prolific actress whose works include Television and Film, Short Films, Theater, Music Videos, Commercials and Public Service Announcements. She is also skilled in editing, and debuted as Director in the short film "Swaddled in Blue". A talented singer in genres including Jazz, Pop and Musical Theater, she sings with her school choir, and plays piano and guitar. Tess is avid about wildlife conservation, which goes hand-in-hand with ecology preservation. She loves finding innovative ways to improve our environment, and believes that we can make a real difference with our collective efforts.

Aisha Kanai | Japan

Aisha Kanai is a freshman in the Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo majoring in Performing Arts. She studied ballet for 10 years since youth, joined her drama club in high school, and currently learning ballroom dancing at a dance club to enhance her physical expression skills. Aisha started whistling at 8 years of age, and continue to pursue its mastery as a passion. She won the World Championship with her father at the World Whistling Convention for a performance that combined whistling with ballet. From whistling and dance, Aisha has gained many friends from different countries around the world, and loves with work in cooperation with her diverse acquaintances to understand and solve worldly problems. With her appreciation and aptitude in the arts, Aisha hopes to contribute to improving the environment of our home planet, and share in the admiration of Earth's natural beauty.

Ayra Kassam | Australia

Ayra Kassam is a junior at Pymble Ladies' College in Sydney, Australia. She enjoys travelling around the world, public speaking and debating and MUN.  Ayra aims to pursue medicine in the future, and wants to use her knowledge and experience in the field to bridge the gap between health inequities in the world.  As an aspiring leader and with an avid interest in politics and current affairs, Ayra can see that the most prevalent issue in today’s society is climate change, one that is often ignored and seldom dealt with. It is with utmost urgency that we need to begin to take action through organisations such as ecoyouth in order to sustain our Earth for future generations.

Mahpara Qadri | Pakistan

Mahpara Qadri is a junior at St Michael's Convent School in Karachi, Pakistan. She has always been keen and eager for social work, inspiring her to become the president of her school's community service society. Her heightened spirits have led her in leading various events. She also participated in the Yale Young Global Scholars Program - Beijing, in 2016. Mahpara is very active in leadership positions at school, and competes in many business events as well. In her free time, Mahpara enjoys baking, reading and is a proud movie buff. In addition, she loves to travel all over the world.

Jongwoo "Andy" Han | South Korea

Andy Han grew up in Korea and lived in Toronto, Canada for 3 years. He is currently a junior at Deerfield Academy, a boarding school in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Andy is a sports enthusiast who plays soccer and ice hockey. He's most passionate about music and playing alto saxophone. His passion led him to organize his school band CODA.  Andy wants to pursue a career in architecture and is very interested in environmentally sustainable buildings.  The increase in occurrence and intensity of natural disasters, such as flood, fire, tornados and earth-quakes around the world have caused more frequent destruction of homes and human habitat. Many phenomena of such climate change have stemmed from man’s abuse of nature. So Andy believes we should focus on preserving the environment and look for solutions to counter man’s abuse and reverse climate change. As a Korean, Andy is very concerned about the propagation of air pollution in his native country. Fine particle pollution is on the rise and the “ultra particle alerts” have been more frequently issued during the winter.  He feels the difference first-hand whenever he returns to Korea during school breaks. The issue of particle pollution is not only cumbersome to everyday life, but poses serious health concerns! Andy is excited about the opportunity to discuss issues of his country and share in ideas of how to improve the environment in different global regions. He hopes to incorporate new ideas and knowledge into his future designs.

Ajna Singh | USA

Ajna Singh attended Santa Monica High School in Santa Monica, California, before graduating early and earning a diploma from Kalo Academy. She is a musician and a surfer. She spent two years on the Santa Monica High Surf Team and spent many mornings doing beach clean-ups and learning about important environmental issues regarding Santa Monica beaches. She became interested in helping her local community and began volunteering for the Surf Bus Foundation a few days a week for five weeks over the summer. She loves the beach and the environment and looks forward to making it a better place.

Esther Wroth | China

Esther Wroth is a recent graduate of Tianjin International School, and incoming student at Georgetown University. She is strongly involved in her Model United Nations team and the organization of TIANMUN, her school's conference. She enjoys learning about international relations, human rights, and law and plans to pursue a career involving all of these interests. Esther has a culturally diverse background, residing in and with an ethnic background from both China and the USA. She wants to use her background to her advantage, bringing more people together from around the world to tackle important issues, including the environment. Especially including the environment, actually, as living in a large Chinese city has revealed some downsides of not being attentive to our earth's cleanliness.

Katherine Chang | USA

Katherine Chang is a recent graduate from the private, liberal arts-focused Waldorf School, and a current freshman at the University of Pacific. "Kat" has great passion for almost everything she participate in, including sports, music, and all of her school classes. She has significant confidence in her work, achieving her goals, and especially in who she is as a person. Kat exhibits an optimistic personality which allows close relations with her large network of friends. In addition to school, Kat also participates in various activities which give her the opportunity to improve her skills in every way. Some activities include leadership programs to improve speaking skills or becoming an exemplary leader, religion-associated clubs, and also club volleyball. She is very open minded on the different perspectives that other people have, and take up as many opportunities as she can to stand up for what she believes is beneficial for the community. Last but not least, Kat truly believe in leading by example, for every individual has the power to change the world by changing themselves first.

Ahabyona James | Uganda

Ahabyona James is currently pursuing career in Development Economics at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. He demostrates his leadership skills through motivating and inspiring his peers and friends to pursue their careers and dreams. Currently, he is on the leadership team of VTC Dance Crew, which reaches out to communities and builds hope through dance. His passion is to rebrand the image of Africa and transform communities for sustainable development by addressing different issues such as poverty, hunger, and climate change. The diverse effects of climate change have begun affecting his country through long dry seasons. These issues have caused him to arise and spread awareness about environmental conservation.

Katrina Khonsari | USA

Katrina Khonsari is a senior at San Marino High School in San Marino, California. She is strongly involved in the San Marino National Community League. She enjoys learning about criminal justice, international relations, and law, and plans to pursue a career in all three of these interests. Katrina has been a dancer since she was 10 and has learned teamwork through her journey. She is culturally diverse, with an ethnic background from USA, Iran, and Sweden. She wants to use her multicultural heritage and knowledge about the environment to tackle important issues. The environment needs the help of many people and Katrina wants to bring everyone together to work for a better environment. 

Kenza Seidlitz | United Kingdom

Kenza Seidlitz is a recent graduate of Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London, England, and incoming student at London College of Fashion. Having lived in Germany, Australia, Thailand, the United States, and the United Kingdom, she has seen both great nature and the devastating effects mankind has imposed on it.  She believes that there is no currently global issue as large as climate change, as it is something that affects us all. It is our duty to take care of our home and do our part. 

Emilia Pauwels | USA

Emilia Pauwels is recent graduate of Lycée International de Los Angeles, and will be attending University of California, Santa Cruz in the fall. She is fluent in English, French, and Dutch. Having lived in Belgium; Istanbul, Turkey; and Los Angeles, California, she has immersed herself in many different environmental and political landscapes. She hopes to use her global experiences to advocate for various environmental issues such as plastic pollution and deforestation. In her free time, Emilia loves to play the piano, play volleyball, and go horseback riding. She hopes to pursue political science in the future.

Tia Griffin | USA

Tia Griffin is a junior at Oak Hills High School in Oak Hills, California. Both a track runner and an award-winning dancer, she feels it is very important to stay active in order to maintain our wellbeing. She also does drama and plays the piano, honing in on her artistic skills. During the Blue Cut Californian fire in September of 2016, Tia was forced to evacuate her home. Ever since then, she has been actively engaging in our fight against climate change. Having first-handedly experienced natural disasters, she feels that it is crucial that we stop harming the environment immediately. She believes that there is nothing more beautiful than the environment, as it is our one common element globally that brings joy to all.

Henson Chen | Taiwan

Henson Chen is a senior at Song-Shan Senior High School in Taipei, Taiwan. He is a member of the Computer Science Club, and enjoys programming and discovering new ideas from the internet. Henson looks forward to cultivating his scientific analysis and problem-solving abilities. Living in Taiwan, Henson has become quite aware of the country's environmental issues, such as the debate on nuclear power plants and the controversial Environmental Impact Assessment Act. He hopes to apply his experience and expertise with future discoveries to find innovative solutions to improve the environment.

Nora Krog | Norway

Nora Krog has just finished high school in Oslo, Norway, and is currently taking a gap year to gain new experiences and travel. Living in a country that is highly developed yet still been successful in preserving nature, Nora believes that the world can continue to move in that direction. She believes that sustainable development and renewable energy is the answer to our future!


Judith Vallette | USA

Judith Vallette is a sophomore at University of California, Los Angeles, and a graduate of Lycée International de Los Angeles. She is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Bulgarian. She remembers being interested in ecological journalism since elementary school. Judith likes to actively involve herself in numerous volunteering activities concerning the environment such as the LA river clean up. Furthermore, her interest in global issues is shown by her participation in clubs such as MUN, Red Cross and Key Club. She hopes to pursue a career either involving humanities or international relations.

Alejandra Tran | Spain

Alejandra Tran is a sophomore at Colegio Internacional Torrequebrada (CIT) in Málaga, Spain. She's an outside hitter for her volleyball team and part of the glee club at school. Alejandra also takes violin classes and plays the ukulele. She speaks both English and Spanish, and is also learning French. She's participated in activities to help the environment such as cleaning local beaches.

Jaqueline Bau | USA

Jaqueline Bau is a senior at Crescenta Valley High School. She is a very ambitious and optimistic girl who loves to be active and involved with her community. Jaqueline enjoys trying new things and helping others. She is on the Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field team at her school and is a very competitive runner. She loves to be outdoors and to appreciate nature. Nature is something she values, this is why she cares so much about protecting the environment and saving it from air pollution, because it is hurting our health and damaging other species and ecosystems as well. The environment is something she deeply cares for and would do anything to help save it from being destroyed.

Isabella Van Ranzow | USA

Isabella Van Ranzow is a recent graduate of Lycée International de Los Angeles and will be attending The New School in New York City this fall. She is fluent in English, French, and Spanish.  She is a strong advocate for ecological conservation, and cares deeply about working to appease climate change, in order to preserve the Earth.  She enjoys participating in a variety of volunteering activities namely through her local community cleanups at various public schools and beaches.  Further, she pursues her interests in such topics through her leadership in the DASH Committee and her participation in community organizations such as Key Club.

Quinn Pierson | USA

Quinn Pierson is a junior at Eagle Rock High School in Los Angeles, California. A competitive dancer and actress in a theater company, Quinn loves to express through the arts. Active in the school's ASB and a member of her sophomore class office, she loves to boost school spirit and get everyone everyone involved. She has been a vegetarian for almost 5 years to do her part in conserving our environment.

Megan Lui | USA

Megan Lui is a junior at the California School of the Arts with a concentration in commercial dance. Not only is she involved in dance, but also drama. Her passion for performing translates into her passion for people. She co-founded the Make a Wish Foundation Club at her school with the hope to grant severely-ill children their wishes. Furthermore, she is very involved her school's associated student body as a Spirit Coordinator. Her love for gathering people translates into her enthusiasm for environmental activism. 

Chantal Bau | USA

Chantal Bau is a senior at Crescenta Valley High School. An avid runner, she is very concerned about the air we breathe everyday. Living in Los Angeles, a city so infiltrated with polluted air, it is hard to ever feel like you are taking a breath of fresh air. Through heightened environmental consciousness and reforestation, she hopes to make a difference in our mission to ameliorate LA's air quality.

Felipe Mendes | Brazil

Felipe Mendes

Frans Jediza Simanjuntak | Indonesia

Frans Jediza Simanjuntak

Meet Our Junior Global Ambassadors

Sophia Mercurio | USA

Sophia Mercurio is a 7th grader at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Pasadena. She is a 1st honors student and has most recently earned the Knights of Columbus Christian Service Award for her christian leadership skills in her school. Sophia is a Girl Scout Cadette in the process of earning her Silver Award, focusing on the homeless problem in Pasadena. She recently earned her Bronze award: which focused on donating food and items needed by pets at the Pasadena Humane Society. Sophia has danced since the age of 3, been a competitive dancer since the age of 7, and still currently on a competitive dance team. On Sundays, Sophia volunteers at Assumption’s religious education program, where she assists with religion education of the 3-4 year olds. Sophia is very passionate about our environment and world that we live in and most definitely trying to make it a better place. 

Ethan Hsu | Taiwan

Ethan Hsu is a 7th grade student at Tainan Tzu Chi Senior High Elementary Department in Taiwan.  He speaks Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and English. Ethan loves to play Violin and Chess.  He also loves playing the Recycling Police at home, and enjoys participating in volunteer activities in school.

Ignacio Morales | Guatemala

Ignacio is a fourth grade student at Valle Verde School in Guatemala City.  He is a member of the chess team and participates in tournaments throughout the city.  Ignacio is also a member of the futbol (soccer) team and has traveled to other countries in Central America to represent his school. Ignacio speaks Spanish, German and English.  He enjoys building his own design with Lego sets.  Ignacio would like to influence people to take better care of the environment with emphasis in the preservation and restoration of forests, lakes and rivers. Additionally, he would like to make education and health a priority for all people in his country and the world.

Alexandra Yattaw | USA

Alexandra "Xandy" Yattaw is a fourth grade student in Silver Hill School. She is a young artist whose works have been exhibited at the Buttonwoods Museum in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Xandy is interested in designing and promoting low-income housing, and wants to learn about simple but efficient conceptual ideas with renewable energy resources to help lower their living costs. Her other activities include piano playing and karate. By the way, you can find Xandy featured in a few earlier national TV commercials!

Ali Kassam | Australia

Ali Kassam is a third grade student at Sydney Grammar School. He is an eager reader, and loves to paint and play Cricket. Ali enjoys spending time outdoors, so he is concerned about Australia's serious drought conditions and record heat waves. He hopes we can reverse climate change, and keep Australia's beautiful environment.

Stanley Liu | Taiwan

Stanley Liu is a second grade student at Tainan Tzu Chi Senior High Elementary Department in Taiwan. He speaks Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and English, and loves swimming and playing piano. Stanley competes in Taekwondo and Go, placing 3rd Place nationally in both. The Go tournament also helps to advocate energy conservation and lowering carbon emissions. Stanley also enjoys planting home-grown organic vegetables with his great-grandmother.

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