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Ecuador Sustainability Project

Ecuador Sustainability and Reforestation Project

Ambassador: Emilia Pauwels, Judith Vallette, Isabella Van Ranzow & Chloe Huang | USA

Our ambassadors planting sustainable species and eliminating invasive species

at an organic farmland near Mindo, Ecuador!

This helps to restore natural habitats and prevent further ecological destruction.

Studied principles of Eco-Tourism in the Inti Llacta Nature Reserve: compared economic impact of  farming export crops (i.e. coffee)versus local food crop species (i.e. plants and potatoes)

Shade Balls: An L.A. Story

Ambassador: Chloe Huang | USA

Documentary Film about City of Los Angeles' use of shade balls during California's Historic Drought.

Shade balls helped save water and money during the drought emergency.

Shade Balls: An L.A. Story

Speech on "Climate Change and Water Conservation" to the Soldiers of the Indian Army

Ambassador: Sankalp Monhan Sherma | India

Our Ambassador Sankalp addressed some of the most pressing issues about Climate Change and Water Conservation to 200+ soldiers and 10 senior army mentors in India.

Our armed forces and veterans are a vital part of our population in terms of maintaining peace and managing emergencies. They can be tremendous leaders for conservation in their actions as well as their influence.

Speech to Soldiers of the Indian Army

Santa Monica Beach Clean-up

Ambassador: Ajna Singh | USA

Our USA Ambassador Ajna leading 6-8 year old elementary schoolers at a beach cleanup event at Pier 27!

Beach clean-ups preserve land and ocean environments.

Santa Monica Beach Clean-up
International Earth Science Olympiad

International Earth Science Olympiad

Ambassador: Jichen Zhang | China

Ambassador Jichen participated as the Chinese representative and won medals in the International Earth Science Olympiad in Beijing, China and in Nagoya, Japan. He was also a Keynote Speaker in Beijing's Opening Ceremony.

Participation in science olympiads can help to bolster advanced-level scientific knowledge and foster creative innovations.

Planting Organic Garden

Ambassador: Katherine Chang | USA

Our Ambassador Kat's work at her school's biodynamic garden. The organically grown plants are sold to their local community, promoting a green and healthy lifestyle. 

Planting and eating organic promotes harmonious living with our natural environment.

Planting Organic Garden

Step 30 Project

Junior Ambassador:  Ethan Hsu | Taiwan

Collect old shoes to donate to children in impoverished areas of Africa.

Recycling shoes reduces waste and saves lives.

Step 30 Project

Desperdicios Plasticos

Ambassador: Chloe Huang | USA

Our Ambassador Chloe's Spanish presentation about plastic waste.

Learning about plastic waste helps us better manage them.

Desperdicios Plasticos

Seychelles Beach Clean-up

Ambassador: Anastasia Pantazopoulou | Seychelles

Our Ambassador Anastasia leading teenage volunteers at a beach cleanup event!

Clean-ups keep trash away from the ocean and make for more pleasant beach going experience.

Seychelles Beach Clean-up

Radio Interview at Red FM 93.5 to Promote Climate Action

Ambassador: Sankalp Sherma | India

Our Ambassador Sankalp was invited by Indian Red FM 93.5 for an interview for his work with Climate Change. He was privileged to be interviewed by the renowned RJ Julius Sharma, he spoke about the Climate Reality Project and the Walk for Water Campaign. He urged the listeners to help and join our fight as climate leaders, highlighting the issues the earth —and especially India— is facing when it comes to pollution, floods, earthquakes, and more, all of which were caused by climate change and the increasing water crisis around the world. Sankalp shared with his listeners some simple techniques to implement at home which can make a big difference, and also encouraged them to influence their friends and family to do the same. 

Radio is a great way to teach and inspire a lot of people about environmental awareness and promote activism.

Interview at Red FM 93.5

Design-Build Project

Ambassador: Chloe Huang | USA

Our Ambassador Chloe designed and built this rain-collecting harvest processing station for the community garden at Verde Elementary School in collaboration with 39 other design students at the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley. This structure provides a station for locals to wash, dry, and store organic produce harvested from the community garden to supplement a healthy food supply for one of the nation's most impoverished communities.

Combining organic farming with innovative design can help improve our communities' living standards while promoting the sustainable use of our natural resources.

Design Build Project
Bugs Bunny's favorite - CARROT!

Planting Organic

 Junior Ambassador: Ignacio Morales | Guatemala

Working on an organic farm planting CHILACAYOTE (Gourd), CARROT, CORN & BLACK BEANS!  Both Corn & Black Beans are essential in Guatemalan diet!

Planting organic food prevents fertilizer leaching. 

Planting Organic


Ambassador: Esther Ishimwe | Rwanda

Finalist in the National Pioneer Olympiad in Science, Art, Design and Leadership

Theme: Environmental Sustainability

Art is a great way to promote environmental awareness!

Environmental Art

Environmental Research Internship

Ambassador: Chloe Huang | USA

Researching resource and energy recovery from microbial fuel cells in Wastewater Treatment Process at USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Innovative solutions can help us find alternative energy in waste.

Environmental Research Intership

Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival

Ambassador: Anastasia Pantazopoulou | Seychelles

Our Ambassador Anastasia leading teenage volunteers at Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival event!

Conservation of our beautiful Sea Turtles include keeping their beach nesting grounds natural and clean, and removing plastic bags from entering their food stream (they often eat plastic bags which they mistake for jellyfish).

Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival

"Say NO to SMOKING!"

Junior Ambassador: Ethan Hsu | Taiwan

A smokeless environment starts in school. A shared vision across our generations.

Speaking out can make a difference.

Eliminating smoking can reduce waste and air pollution, and prevent wildfires as well.


Species Conservation at the Gateway National Recreation Area

Ambassador: Felipe Mendes & Chloe Huang | USA

Our Ambassador Felipe & Chloe volunteering at the Gateway National Recreation Area in Staten Island, New York in efforts to conserve rare species by creating a habitable environment and ridding invasive species.

Taking care of plant species' environments help ensure their survival and prevents extinctions.

Species Conservation at the Gateway

Waste Segregation in South Korea

Ambassador: Sankalp Sherma | India

Ambassador Sankalp worked on waste segregation in South Korea and sent tons of waste for recycling. In doing so, he learned the new techniques of segregation which he will help implement in India, his home country.

Waste segregation and recycling reduces our need for landfills and lessens the drain on our natural resources.

Waste Segregation in S. Korea

Rwanda National Cleaning Day

Ambassador: Esther Ishimwe | Rwanda

Our Ambassador Esther leading Community Service Club at a National Cleaning event!

United cleanup efforts make the community a better place!

Rwanda National Cleaning Day

Making Art to Protect Foxes

Junior Ambassador: Alexandra Yattaw | USA

Our Ambassador Xandy's piece, titled "Foxy Twins", was showcased at the Buttonwoods Show in Massachusetts to demonstrate the friendliness of foxes (her favorite animal!). She hopes that we can stop fox hunting for fur to prevent them from becoming extinct.  

Art is a great way to promote environmental awareness and nature conservancy!

"Foxy Twins"
"Save Water, Save Life" Art Competition

Guest judging at the "Save Water, Save Life" Art Competition

Ambassador: Sankalp Sherma | India

Ambassador Sankalp was invited to be Chief Guest to judge the drawing/painting competition at the Aryan Institute of Education Academy. He helped choose winners in 3 categories, and spoke to the contestants about the importance of water conservation.

Environmental art competitions encourage youth to use their imagination and creativity toward solving the Earth's most pressing issues. They provide a fun way for young people to participate and an opportunity to connect ideas to practical knowledge.

Planting Organic

 Junior Ambassador: Ethan Hsu | Taiwan

Working on an organic farm planting YAM & RADISH! 

Planting organic food prevents fertilizer leaching. 

Planting Organic Yam & Radish

Los Angeles River Clean-up

Ambassador: Judith Vallette & Chloe Huang | USA

Our Ambassador Judith & Chloe participated at a river cleanup event with Key Club!

LA River clean-ups prevents trash from being washed out into the Pacific, and enhance its unique environment.

Los Angeles River Clean-up
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