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Chloe Huang

United States - California

Chloe Huang is a 16-year old student at Lycee International de Los Angeles and a candidate for the Bilingual IB Diploma. She was first exposed to environmental science through interning at the Smith Research Lab at USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering. There, she examined microbially-driven engineered processes for water management. She studied visual arts at the Art Center College of Design. Chloe broadened her involvement as an advocate and leader through her participation as a Yale Young Global Scholar in Beijing, where she problem-solved solutions to global issues with other young scholars. Chloe currently interns at the NGO Time4Good which establishes communications with global leaders. Eager to contribute to our global fight against climate change, she studied sustainable architectural planning and design at UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design (CED). The Pavilion marks the culmination of Chloe’s passion for enhancing the environment and honing her design skills. She generated the idea at CED with the goal of creating a waterside architecture that resolves a global crisis, produces alternative energy, and interacts with its human surroundings. This summer, Chloe is attending the Social Ventures for Sustainable Development and Youth Assembly at the United Nations to learn to utilize global resources for project advancement. She is also creating a short documentary regarding Los Angeles’ use of shade balls in their reservoirs during its historic drought. Chloe hopes to inspire the next generation to focus on global sustainable advancements. She founded EcoYouthUnited to raise environmental awareness amongst youth and empower them to take action. She is also in process of publishing children’s books for the same purpose. Chloe loves to volunteer and is editor-in-chief of her school newspaper, a Level-10 pianist, and an award-winning dancer at the Abby Lee Dance Company. She also have studied 8 languages.

Esther Ishimwe


Esther Ishimwe is a senior in Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology. She is senior adviser of the Community Service & Tutoring Club that helps students in the national exams preparations, and does community work regularly in the area. Not fitting solely in sciences or humanities, she initiated a motivational posters in her school and participates in the Art & Design club through art practice and fundraising. An avid reader, she volunteer part time at the school library, and attends leadership camps such as the Yale Young Global & African Scholars so as she can impact the world starting from her homeland, Rwanda, a country developing at a very high rate. there is a law in Rwanda that obliges all citizens( including the President) to do community service at the last Saturday of each month. As a native of a tropical country, Esther wants the environment to be preserved for the wellbeing of our world.

Mahpara Qadri


I am a senior living in Karachi, Pakistan, at St Michael's convent school, currently studying all 3 sciences alongside additional mathematics. I've been an active participant in declamation and debate competitions, growing up I was a part of most model United Nations being held in the city, and was struggling my way through learning music. I've been a part of community services since 4 years now and have also been part of social drives. I enjoy baking, reading and am I proud movie buff and love to travel.

Ayra Kassam


Ayra Kassam is a sophomore at Pymble Ladies' College in Sydney, Australia. She enjoys travelling around the world, public speaking and debating and MUN. Ayra aims to pursue medicine in the future, and wants to use her knowledge and experience in the field to bridge the gap between health inequities in the world.

Esther Wroth


Esther is a rising junior at Tianjin International School. She is strongly involved in her Model United Nations team and the organization of TIANMUN, her school's conference. She enjoys learning about international relations, human rights, and law and plans to pursue a career involving all of these interests. Esther has a culturally diverse background, residing in and with an ethnic background from both China and the USA. She wants to use her background to her advantage, bringing more people together from around the world to tackle important issues, including the environment. Especially including the environment, actually, as living in a large Chinese city has revealed some downsides of not being attentive to our earth's cleanliness.

Mahnoor Hyat


I am a Pakistani high school student currently in my junior year residing in Islamabad. My thirst for heated debates and informed thought provoking discussions led me to take part in the Harvard Model United Nations 2016 as an individual delegate where being the only Pakistani who received the Outstanding Delegate award enabled me to make my country proud. I started a blog in hope of spreading awareness about the immense importance of mental health and was eventually featured on a Pakistani version of the Facebook page ‘Humans of New York’ i.e Hamaray Log as a role model for other promising and hopeful young teenagers who have had their voices silenced. My article on Mental Health was featured in widely distributed local magazine as well and this served as the fuel I was in dire need of to ignite the flame for continued resilience. I believe that the youth of today can truly change the world by focusing on intricate yet complex issues such as environmental degradation or the accelerating suicide rates.

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