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2022 Winter Olympics Roof Blends Into Local Ski Slopes

Group GSA won a design competition for their new exhibition facility at the 2022 Winter Olympics. The Four Seasons Town Reception Center is a new green-roofed structure that blends into the natural landscape. There is a focus for the building to adapt to the sharp-changing climate in Chongli.

The architecture firm based in Australia announced the award back in November and have started construction on the facility. It’ll be an expansive 49,600 square foot reception center that will hold 20,000 hotel beds, leisure activities, an information center, and will showcase Chongli’s history. The project is expected to be completed by December 2018.

Interlocking green-roofs will make the reception center adapt to the mountain slopes and ski tracks that surround it. Along with it is a “Fire and Ice” theme that features silver and copper colors on each half. During summer months, the roof will boast a green roof while snow from the winter months transforms it into ski slopes. It’ll provide an open and transparent atmosphere to the area, and it’ll feature many different levels for visitors to take the mountainous views in.

“This design was selected as it coupled seamlessly with not only the context, but also the evolving seasonal states that the site undergoes throughout the year, from summer to winter,” Group GSA told CLADNews. “...Temperatures change very quickly from icy winter to hot summer in Chongli, so the architectural and design team implemented the integration of hot and cold in its façade design.”

Beijing, who hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, will be converting some of their older facilities to host winter games in 2022. The Water Cube Aquatics Centre and National Indoor Stadium will host curling events and the ice hockey tournaments. This is an attempt to cut costs by not building new, expensive facilities and provides a sustainable approach to the event. The City spent roughly $2 billion on 31 new venues back in 2008.

Group GSA is also involved in other green projects, such as the Bourke Street Cycleway in Sydney, Australia. This would expand on an already existing cycling route and would lower speed limits to make it safer for people of all ages to travel with a bicycle. It’s all part of a movement to increase the green infrastructure in urban areas, adding more public spaces, gardens, and more.

The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held from February 4th through the 20th that year. Beijing will be the main host and additional events will be in the Hebei province, which is where Chongli is located. Chongli is nearly 60 miles northwest of Beijing.

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